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Fact:  Virtually all successful companies appreciate the strategic advantages of having a CIO (Chief Information Officer)

Fact:  Most small to medium-sized businesses can't afford a CIO

Fact:  Until now, they had to struggle and "do without"

Fact:  Now, all companies can enjoy the benefits of a CIO - at a fraction of the cost!

How? By enlisting the expert services of The CIO Source, Inc.. No matter how big your company is, or what industry you're in, you can acquire an unfair advantage:

  • On a long-term, fractional basis. This is best for small to medium sized companies who prefer an ongoing advantage.

  • On a project basis. This is best for companies who want to boost their current resources in order to expedite time-sensitive projects.

  • On a full-time, interim basis. This is best when a company is "inbetween" CIOs and need us to fill in. We can also help with finding and vetting a replacement.

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The CIO Source helps you manage your IT and improve your profit
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