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Our story is truly unique! After performing a detailed analysis of the IT industry, we found about 400 IT providers in the New York area (where we are headquartered). At a glance, they all look virtually the same; providing sales, installation, and service of hardware and software, remote support, managed services, email and web hosting, and SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and SEM (Search Engine Marketing).

These tactical, day-to-day services are important, but address just the tip of the IT “iceberg”. None of these companies are positioned to help clients with the rest of IT, which is the business side. That's why companies have IT in the first place. Yet, 94% of small and mid-sized companies are only using IT for their day-to-day operations.

In contrast, The CIO Source, Inc. bridges this gap between Business and IT. We work with your in-house or outsourced IT department and complement what they do by addressing the Strategy, Management, and Business side of IT.

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Our founder, Matthew “ROI” Stern CDP CCP CCE has been improving small and medium-sized clients through Comprehensive Computer Services Inc. since its founding in 1986. To better brand these CIO Services, he recently spun off the Chief Information Officer (CIO) division into a separate company, The CIO Source, Inc.

Mr. Stern is an internationally known IT Consultant, having helped small, medium-sized, and Fortune 500 companies for more than two decades. His CIOs find effective ways to cut costs, analyze and improve productivity, reduce risks, and increase profitability and growth. Mr. Stern continues public speaking, including lectures, seminars, training, and as a panelist. He is also the author of two best-selling IT books as well as a paid columnist and freelance writer. Mr. Stern also serves as a Forensic (Expert) Witness in Federal Court, and New York and Florida. He also gathers and refurbishes computers which he donates to New Ground and the Veterans Administration, while also chairing the Toys for Tots Program of the Long Island Woodworkers.

Matthew 'ROI' Stern, CDP CCP CCE


"Matt Stern has been a successful entrepreneur for the 25 years that I have known and worked with him. Matt taught me much of what I know about technology as he has many of our peers. He is an inspiring speaker and a gifted teacher who is blessed with a generosity of spirit and a remarkable ability to impart his knowledge to others. Matt is also a talented systems architect and applications developer. Truly, a man for all seasons!"

Frank Sentner

Owner, Soulware Ltd.

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