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You've got technology and it's probably doing a good job. But if you're like 94% of small to medium-sized businesses, you may be missing the "big picture":

  • Are you spending too much on IT? How would you know?
  • Are you using IT to analyze and improve productivity in every department?
  • Who are your most (and least) profitable clients on a triple-net basis? Employees?
  • Where's the critical information you need to make important decisions?
  • Are you compliant with the various statutes that govern your industry? Is this certified by a 3rd party? Are you truly secure?

The list goes on and on. It's difficult for most business owners to answer these and other critical questions because it's not their area of expertise. And the technical people can't either, because they focus on the technology.

Without a CIO, your company is like a ship without a rudder - despite the power of the engines (the technology), reaching your destination takes longer and costs more because you don't have a navigator (a CIO).

Call (855) GET-MY-CIO or email us today to find out how you can steer your company to safer, richer ports!

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Tactical vs. Strategic

The CIO Source helps you manage your IT and improve your profit


"The CIO Source understands that IT is a critical area for every business and they focus on analyzing data to find trends and uncover opportunities for growth. In addition to minimizing risks (both security and compliance), they find ways to reduce cost and increase profit."

Jerry S. Siegel

President, JASB Management Inc.

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