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Case Study: Wholesale/Retail

Building Supply Company Builds Higher Profit with The CIO Source


Founded in 1954, Burt Building Materials supplies a broad range of materials to the construction trade on Long Island, NY. It's a family business currently run by four brothers: Jeff, Jim Jr., Jay, and Jon Marino. This gives their many customers that true "family" feeling.

Vice President of Operations, Jim Jr., has been responsible for all areas within Information Technology since as long as he can remember. "Our old system was about as big as a refrigerator and could only talk to 'dumb' terminals" recalls Marino. "I knew we needed to upgrade, especially since we were running out of space and our night process ran from just after closing time to just before we opened the next day - there was no margin for error".

Marino first hired The CIO Source as Consultants to help find the best replacement system, and later, as their outsourced CIO. "As we grew, I needed to concern myself more with the development of our operation and remain current with our technology. I found it was more cost-effective to outsource our IT Management than to hire a full-time employee." says Jim. "That's why I hired The CIO Source - they know technology, but more importantly, they find ways to keep our costs down and production up, translating into improved profitability. We're glad we found them".

Marino adds, "The CIO Source keeps finding ways to reduce costs - the first thing they did was to specify a replacement system, giving us an immediate Return On Investment. The lower maintenance cost nearly paid for the new system itself in the first year. And since then, they have found many more ways for us to cut costs.

What's really great is that The CIO Source not only finds ways to save money on our operation -- but they also improve our ability to market and sell to our customer base -- the way Information Technology should be used.

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Client Overview:
Year founded: 1954
Employees: 43
Number of stores: 2
SKUs: More than 22,000

"There have been many ways in which The CIO Source has saved us money. Based on their analysis, we recently converted from a dedicated T-1 to a VPN with dual internet providers. This gives us the benefit of superior bandwidth between our two stores, plus failover redundancy that's nearly 99% automated -- and instead of it costing us more, they were able to give us the improved features and save us $2,500.00 per year."

Jim Marino Jr.

VP, Operations

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