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Case Study: Fundraising

Green Company Helps Charities Raise More Green with The CIO Source


Prior to 2002, when an organization looked to raise funds for its dinner gala or other major fundraiser, it typically solicited journal ads that appeared in a printed book which was distributed at the event. These books were printed at great cost to the organization, both in terms of dollar outlay and staff time to produce them. But, at the event, guests generally just flipped the pages for a few minutes, reading only a fraction of the content and, more often than not, left the journals behind at the end of the night.

Karen Perry questioned the value of this medium and developed an alternative that enhanced the entire experience. Her company, Event Journal, Inc. brought to market a web-based e-journal system that eliminates wasted trees; increases outreach to expand the potential donor base; offers sponsors year-round exposure; gives guests an easy to use online registration system; and eases the organization's burden by offering an outsourcing solution.

Perry reminisces "In our early days, we had technical staff that may have known their topic, but they focused more on the programming and less on the business issues. They rented a dedicated server for hosting our clients’ sites and did not address any potential pitfalls." "However," Perry adds, "The CIO Source reviewed our system and discovered various gaps that put our company in a vulnerable position. With no failover system, our clients were subject to downtime that could affect their fundraising activities. This exposed Event Journal to liability for potential damages." "Worse yet", she adds, "The CIO Source also uncovered the fact that the $200.00 per month in server rental did not reflect our true costs. When factoring in outlays for Operating System and Application upgrades, patches, PCI compliance and compatibility issues, what seemed to be a $2,400.00 per year expense was closer to $10,000.00, all told."

Since Event Journal’s websites are mission critical to their clients, The CIO Source recommended that they be upgraded for failover, as well as automated backups (in case of server crash), software upgrades, PCI compliance, and more. Karen Perry is a satisfied client - "The CIO Source gave us the guidance to satisfy our needs and reduce annual costs by almost $8,000.00! The CIO Source is a tremendous resource for small and medium sized businesses like ours."

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Client Overview:
Year founded: 2002
Competition: none
Trees saved: Thousands per year
Customer satisfaction: up 46% vs. traditional event journals

"As a company that supports live events, our system's stability and reliability is critical, especially during our peak season. Any interruption would leave our clients without essential resources and expose us to liability for the damages. The CIO Source found gaps in our system, so they researched solutions and made recommendations to shore up our operation. Now, I breathe easier knowing that we have a secure platform and a proven backup procedure should problems arise. The icing on the cake is that instead of these improvements costing us more, The CIO Source enabled us to add these improvements and save almost $8,000.00 per year"

Karen Perry

President & Founder

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